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the big heart baking company offers a variety of products; baking mixes and baked goods!!

baking mixes; the most popular and versatile baking mix is called the "sweet baking mix".

  • it is a gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free baking mix.

the ingredients include almond meal, raw coconut flour and coconut palm sugar crystals.

the sweet baking mix bakes up amazing baked goods including muffins, cookies, cakes, scones and pie crusts. the sweet baking mix comes in a couple of sizes;

8 ounces- one cup of baking mix will bake up a half dozen muffins or one pie crust. a perfect size for a small batch of goodies or making one pie.

16 ounces- two cups of baking mix will bake up a dozen muffins, one layer of cake, 2 dozen cookies, a dozen scones or two pie crusts.

32 ounces- 4 cups of sweet baking mix will bake up a variety of goodies and gives you the flexibility to make the quantity you desire.

each baking mix is packaged two ways;

packaged in a mason jar with a ribbon detail is perfect for gifting, or if you are ordering locally. receive a 1.00 credit when you return your previously purchased jar!

packaged in a sealed plastic bag is the most cost effective if you are having your mixes shipped to you.

mail order will be available later this summer.

I am in the bay area once a month and can deliver to you!!

an unsweetened baking mix and a chocolate baking mix are both in the works and will be available shortly.

baked goods- a variety of muffins and other baked goods are baked up fresh and available on Fridays and Saturdays.

they can be found at the local farmers market, june thru september. located at the cedar center in Arnold, California

from 10-2pm.

they are also delivered to local coffee shops on Fridays!! if your favorite coffee shop doesn't carry our goodies, feel free to ask us to contact them.

custom baking- are you having a party? a meeting? a gathering? a reunion? and are interested in having yummy gluten free baked goods?? please contact me for details!!